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Brushing Up

Getting ready to paint means more than picking a color and covering the floors. You also need to pick the right brush for the job. It doesn’t matter if you are doing industrial painting los angeles or residential.

To do that, back up a step and look at the paint. Are you using oil-based paint or varnishes or latex paint?

Oil-based and varnishes work best with natural-bristle brushes. Just like your hair, the ends of the bristles will split. The people who do industrial painting in Los Angeles, call this “flagging.” These splits hold more of the paint or varnish which helps put down an even coat on longer strokes.

Latex paints are best used with nylon-polyester or straight polyester brushes. Of the two, polyester is the very best. The blended brushes will last longer, if treated properly.


Don’t try to paint trim with a 4” brush. Neither should you try to coat the living room wall with an artist’s camel hair brush. Get the right size for the job. Get the wide ones for a broad area and drop the size as the area to be be painted also drops.

Brush ends

This is just as important as the size. A chisel trim works well for trims in corners and edges. The angled brush is used mostly on window trim. The square trim is the one to use for broad surfaces where precision works is not needed.


Yep, more to it. The thin angle sash is slanted with a thin profile. Best for trimming in corners.

The angle sash holds more paint than the thin version, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same. These work well for cutting in at the ceiling or painting trim.

The trim is that standard big wide brush that slaps on a lot of paint over a big area. It’s big brother is the wall brush which holds even more paint for those big projects.

Large scale painting may be more than you want to try. If industrial painting in Los Angeles is part of your needs, call at R&S Painting Plus at (310) 299-6721v

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