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Paint Like A Pro

Here’s a few ideas from expert painters in Los Angeles to make your painting project look the best it can be.

• Primer. A lot of people skip this, but it’s a good idea. Primer is specially formulated to adheree to a specific surface and give the paint something to stick too. There’s a reason auto body shops put primer on bare metal before the colored paint.

• Clean the surface. You may think your wall is pristine clean and it may be. But take a damp sponge and wipe it down. You might be surprised. Paint sticks better to a clear surface. Go from top to bottom.

• Measure up. Expect to take about a gallon of paint for every 400 square feet. if you’re painting uneven surfaces or surfaces like novelty board or heavily textured, expect to use more paint.

• Dry. As the humidity rises, paint takes longer to dry. If you can, plan to paint in the driest time of the year. Painters in Los Angeles are used to dealing with humidity and can make adjustments to the painting schedule.

• Painter’s tape. That wide blue tape will save you a lot of aggravation. Line the areas you won’t want painted with the tape. Again, the auto body pros know the value of tape. Pro home painters do too.

• Bag it. Small sandwich bags over doorknobs and other things that don’t need to be removed will keep the paint off and let you continue to use them in the room where paint is going up.

• Let it be. The Beatles got it right. Once you’ve painted an area, let it be. Let the paint dry. Any mistakes or problems are easier to remedy when the paint is dry. Really.

• Get the drop. Drop cloth. A basic painter’s tool. Cover that floor, cover that furniture. Once the paint gets splattered, unless you are a modern artist creating some fusion of furniture and art, it’s too late.

If it sounds like more than you want to do, call the best painters in Los Angeles, at R&S Painting Plus at (310) 299-6721

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