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A Twist For The Child’s Room

It’s still not widely known for residential painting in Los Angeles, but it is becoming increasingly popular – Chalkboard paint.

It’s just what it sounds like. A liquid chalk board that can be applied to a wall. It turns that wall into a chalk board a child can use just like a chalk board in an old school room.

The great thing about he better quality chalkboard paints is they are washable and last for years and years. You might thinks that a teenager would not like having a chalkboard in the room, but the teen can use it to jot notes about school activities, phone numbers, messages and other information which may be important to them.

Smaller children, of course, need no reason to have a chalkboard wall in their room except that it is fun. Finally, they get to scribble all over the wall without getting into trouble. A quick wipe down and they can scribble more.

You can be creative when using it. Make a circle instead of a square. Be creative with the border as well. It doesn’t have to be just a straight line. It’s residential painting in Los Angeles so you decide what it looks like.

But, just like any other painting project, you do need to take some basic steps.

• Surface preparation. This means starting with a good primer. This prepares the surface and helps the chalkboard paint stay on the wall longer. When the primer dries, clean it with a damp sponge.

• Chalkboard paint can be applied to metals, but you need to clean any metal surfaces with an oil and grease remover.

• Painter’s tape helps define the edge. You don’t have to be exactly straight, but crisp edges are best.

• Cover the floor. Chalkboard paint can ruin carpet just like any other paint.

• Let the wall cure for 3 to 5 days depending on the humidity in your area. Some chalkboard paints work best if you take a piece of chalk and rub down the entire area and then wipe it clean after the curing period.

Several different companies make chalkboard paint. If residential painting in Los Angeles is part of your needs call at R&S Painting Plus at (310) 299-6721 and we’ll help you plan what will work best at your house.

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